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Upside Down

Original painted art piece

$4700 USD Prices including tax
Original artwork
Sent with stamped certificate of authenticity
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Part of my “Inside Out” collection in which my subjects are “trapped” by their existence, and explode to let flow their emotions, represented by colorful explosions.
This artwork represented a cosmonaut / astronaut with his helmet exploding in a fractal dimension making appears a colorful universe of emotions.
The painting can be seen Upside Down and are signed on both corners.
130 x 90 cm
Painted with a mix of spray paint and acrylic on canvas
Send carefully packed and rolled in a tube along with certificate of authenticity

Soldat de la Paix 1

$3250 USD incl. tax

Soldat de la Paix 2

$3250 USD incl. tax


$3750 USD incl. tax

The Queen

$6300 USD incl. tax