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Soldat de la Couleur I

Original painted art piece

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Original artwork
Sent with stamped certificate of authenticity
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80 x 80 cm
Mix Media on canvas (spray paint, acrylic and oil pastel)

Part of the collection “Enfants Soldat de la Paix”

This collection depicts children wearing military uniforms, but instead of being armed, they carry symbols of peace.

I created this series to raise awareness about the tragic consequences of war on children and to promote peace and tolerance. The bright and cheerful colors of the artworks contrast with the military context, reminding viewers of the children’s innocence and natural desire for peace.

The artworks feature children from different cultures and nationalities, united in their desire for peace.
Children are often the most vulnerable victims of war and their voices must be heard.
This collection is an invitation to imagine a world where children are no longer involved in armed conflicts, but rather encouraged to pursue their dreams and live their lives safely.

Soldat de la Couleur II

3250 € incl. tax

Air Force One – 50x50cm

1200 € incl. tax

Chuck Taylor All Stars – 50x50cm

1200 € incl. tax

Soldat de la Paix III – 80x80cm