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Original painted art piece

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Original artwork
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Artwork inspired by this chaotic period we are living in since two years now with the Covid 19 pandemic, war, climate change, we are asphyxiated by information, polemics and new regulations all over the world. We are trapped in a loop of fatality and lack of humanity.
The colorful explosion represent what we have inside, what we need to let escape from our souls: happiness, colors and positivity, contrasting our inner positive feelings with the black shell we sometimes need to carry on in our society.
This was a very interesting process to make this piece, breaking the front, cutting the back to paint it then rebuild it (even using car repair paste to fix some parts and makes volume).
Painted with spray paint.
With a light installation you can switch on and off to make the colors even more shiny.
Please check out the video I made and upload on youtube to have a closer look:
> Click here <

Sending worldwide in a box.

Soldat de la Couleur I

3250 € incl. tax

Soldat de la Couleur II

3250 € incl. tax

Air Force One – 50x50cm

1200 € incl. tax

Chuck Taylor All Stars – 50x50cm

1200 € incl. tax